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Blogs of the week

1.Spark docker images

Brendan Tierney explores some docker images and suggests building a Cloud environment here to create your own Spark environment to play and learn.

2. What’s New in OAC 5 Webinar

This post shares the dates that Dan Vlamis will be hosting webinars (29th August and 12th September 2018)  focusing on new features of Oracle Analytics Cloud.

3. Upgrading Grid Infrastructure and RDBMS from Oracle 12cR2 (12.2.0) to Oracle 18c in Oracle Exadata x7-2

Y.V RaviKumar writes, “I have covered major steps here. Please refer for more details and pre-reqs ”

4. Architectural Considerations for Integrating Oracle APEX Applications with E-Business Suite

John Keymer opens with, “Traditionally the development strategy for customisations within an organisation using Oracle E-Business Suite has been roughly the following.

  • Data Entry – OA Framework or Oracle Forms
  • Transactional Reporting – Oracle XMLP or Oracle Reports, FSG’s
  • Ad/Hoc and Analytic – OBIEE or Discoverer

More and more organisations are now realising however the power of Oracle APEX to deliver all this and more within the low-code, highly capable framework. Beautiful, user-friendly, mobile-ready applications can be quickly delivered, fully integrated, secure, and scalable.”

He also advises his Best Practices blog.

5. Migrating to a New Database Source, Made Simple

Albert Rodriguez says, “With the emergence of so-called free and open source database software solutions, more and more companies are looking to break away from the grip of high cost database software. Just as quickly as management sees the dollar signs in savings, the Data architects and DBAs see the headaches brought about from making this change/move a reality.”

6. Extended Histograms – 2

Jonathan Lewis writes, “Following on from the previous posting which raised the idea of faking a frequency histogram for a column group (extended stats), this is just a brief demonstration of how you can do this. It’s really only a minor variation of something I’ve published before, but it shows how you can use a query to generate a set of values for the histogram and it pulls in a detail about how Oracle generates and stores column group values.”

7. Building dynamic ODI code using Oracle metadata dictionary

This blog opens by saying, “Today’s post will be about how ODI can be used to generate any kind of SQL statements using Oracle metadata tables. We always like to say that ODI is way more than just an ETL tool and that people needs to start to think about ODI as being a full development platform, where you may create any kind of code that you wish there. Today I’ll describe how we may create a simple (but dynamic) merge statement between two similar tables using an ODI procedure that will read from ALL_CONSTRAINTS, ALL_CONS_COLUMNS and ALL_TAB_COLS Oracle tables to figure out what to do.”

8. SLOB 

SLOB is an Oracle I/O workload generation tool kit, supports testing extreme REDO logging I/O (minimal amount of CPU overhead)

It can be downloaded here

9. Connecting Python to an Oracle Database

Laurent decided to write a new series of blog posts related to python programming language and its interactions with Oracle. He says, “This first blogpost will present how I use python on my laptop and how to install the required package to connect an Oracle Database.”

10. On-line migration of Oracle 18c filesystem datafiles to Oracle ASM

Ron says, “Prior to Oracle 12c moving non-ASM data files required taking data files ‘offline’ and negotiating an outage with the business, since Oracle 12c this is has no longer been the case. I was recently challenged with moving a good size filesystem 18c Oracle database from an existing storage platform to a new storage array.”

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