The heatwave continues but the blog posts keep on coming…

What’s brown and sticky?

A stick

The UK Heatwave continues…grab some shade and read some of the latest blog posts from the finest of bloggers!


Blogs of the week

  1. When No Data Found: Our New Podcast

Check out the new podcast from Jeff Smith and Scott Spendolini:

2. Integration of OBIEE with an External Web Application – SAML SSO

KPI Partners go through:

  • Security Implementation Benefits
  • Requirement
  • General Practice
  • Flow Diagram
  • Proposed Solution
  • Implementation Steps

3. Kscope18: It’s a Wrap!

Francesco Tisiot talked about the Sunday Symposium and Presentations, Visualizing Streams, DevOps and OBIEE: Do it Before it’s Too Late, and linkedto Kscope19 in Seattle

4. The Data Governance Triple Crown

Kevin Black details:

1.    Tool – Data Relationship Governance

2.    Process – Data Governance Program

3.    Integration – DRM to External Systems

and summarises by saying: “So there you have it. Three critical components to effective data governance: a good tool (DRG), a robust process (data governance program), and automated integration (with DRM as the hub).”

5. Index Column Order – Impact On Index Branch Blocks Part II (The Weeping Song)

Richard Foote says, “In Part I, I discussed how the order of columns in an index makes no real difference to the effectiveness of the index if all columns are referenced via equality predicates.”

Read this blog which is Part II in the series

6. Using Oracle’s Baseline Validation Tool with OBIEE — Part 4

Michelle Kolbe summarises the past 3 blog posts which are linked here:

This post is part 4 of 4 about using the Baseline Validation Tool (BVT) with Oracle Business Intelligence (OBIEE). The previous posts are:

She finishes her blog by going through the BVT Errors she has encountered

7. Humble pie made with NULL strings

Connor McDonald works through a problem with ‘NULL’ and ‘NUL’!!

8. 10 Tips to Improve ETL Performance – Revised for ADWC

Dani Schidner gives 10 Tips to Improve ETL Performance.

These include:

  1. Use Set-based Operations
  2. Avoid Nested Loops
  3. Drop Unnecessary Indexes

Read the full blog for all 10

9. Oracle Interval Partitions and Bitmap Indexes

Peter Scott writes, “one of the great things over the past (almost) two decades has been table partitioning; true, other vendors do similar things now, but Oracle’s way always seemed easy to adopt and performed well…however,there are some quirks that we need plan for:

  1. Partitions get created with system generated names.
  2. partitions are not created until they have at least one row to insert into it.”

10 Direct IOT

Jonathan Lewis opens his blog by saying,”A recent tweet from Connor McDonald highlighted an article he’d written a couple of years ago about an enhancement introduced in 12c that allowed for direct path inserts to index organized tables (IOTs). The article included a demonstration seemed to suggest that direct path loads to IOTs were of no benefit, and ended with the comment, “Direct mode insert is a very cool facility, but it doesn’t mean that it’s going to be the best option in every situation.”

Read his full blog for more.


This week on Twitter

Mike Dietrich tweeted Oracle Database 18.3.0 installation on premises

UKOUG shared agendas for Conferences and Exhibitions

ODTUG shared livestreams from #kscope18

Stories from and

Videos such as

Troubleshooting a Complex Oracle Performance Issue

and Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud Demo