Summer Fun with OBIEE

I used to get earache on flights, but not any more
… this year I’m booking my kids five rows back

Why don’t mummies go on summer vacation?
They are afraid to relax and unwind!

The sun has got his hat on in Europe this week – time to head indoors, and enjoy the shade, with a cool drink and a computer full of OBIEE blogs!

Blogs of the week

1. Art of BI: OBIEE 12c Upgrade Gone Wrong? Bring in Datavail

Bill Anderson talks about when things go wrong. He says the aspects of OBIEE that can be adversely affected by an improper upgrade are:

  • Technical deployment
  • Infrastructure
  • Core Oracle Analytics
  • Security
  • Report Development
  • High availability sets

2. Trying out the Oracle Cloud Platform

Daan Bakboord links to the download page  and tells us to try out the Oracle Cloud Platform!

3. Enforcing Naming Standards for Your Data Models

Jeff Smith answers this question:

“We tried also to apply some naming conventions but I think we didn’t understand something….
Having a logical model with a table having the column X, and a glossary having the standard name as Y. Can I apply some checks based on the glossary directly in the logical or relational model?”

4. Extending Oracle DVD Map functionality

Irina Bakardzhieva goes through:

  • The Challenge
  • DVD 12.3 plugin
  • The ClearPeak’s Solution
  • Demo
  • Conclusion

5. SQLPLUS, login.sql and 12.2 in the cloud or not

Ric Van Dyke talks about a little hiccup in 12.2  with SQLPlus in this blog.

6. Sans Kscope

Scott Wesley talks about NOT going to KScope!

7. Multi-Instance Subprocess in Oracle Process Cloud Service

Antonis Antoniou says, “The May 2017 Oracle Process Cloud Service release on-boarded a very useful and powerful on-prem feature, that of multi-instance subprocesses. In a nutshell, multi-instance subprocesses allow you to execute a specific set of actions a specified number of times either in sequence or in parallel. What shouldn’t be confused is the difference between repetitions and multi-instances. Multi-instances will create a snapshot of a specific set of actions and data, and run it a specified number of times, with each instance living in it’s own private memory space.”

8. #Oracle #sqldev MAJOR improvement

A quick blog about SQL Developer Instance Viewer!

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