Armagedden Avoided

What kind of Rock is never delivered on time?


FTSE is up, Exports Up, Government borrowing down.  Mortgage rate down. Crisis over.

Can we now get back to geeking now?


While you were all enjoying yourself in Chicago I decided that I couldnt watch enviously from a wet, slightly miserably Post Brexit Vote UK, so headed off to our Villa in Portugal.  It struck me while I was there that I could work anywhere in the World (even in the Europe!), and I didnt need a cloud to make it happen.  Just good ole fashioned RDP (or Jump for the Applers).

So, dont feel down about not be able to move to the cloud (for security, costs etc reasons), just move to Sunny Portugal and remote to the world.

My Mate cant pronounce the letter ‘S’ when he talks about fruit.

He says its his Peach impediment.

Blogs of the week

  1. Turn your OBIEE Sample App VM into a Development Environment

Sherry Milad asks the question, “How do you turn your OBIEE Sample App VM into a Development Environment?”. She goes through the steps to create a Shared Folder and to upload the development RPD until the end of the process. Read the full blog for more details.

2. Upgrading Oracle Business Intelligence to 12c

This blog is based on a talk which had 4 sections:

  1. An overview of the simplicity of the upgrade from 11g to 12c
  2. Organizational mindset while preparing for the upgrade
  3. The new technical infrastructure and the implications for the organization
  4. How to introduce users to the new features and how this might impact governance

3. … Kscope 16 has finished and it was amazing!!!

DEV EPM blog about their KScope16 experiences and link to slides to their talks.


4. Video: APEX Classic Report Named Column Templates

Jorge Rimblas shared a video which he also did a talk on at KScope16 (“Hooked on Classic (Reports) ) Watch it here

5. Kscope16 APEX Symposium (live) Log

Christian Rokitta shares a short summary of the highlights from the presentations of the Oracle APEX presentations.

6. Kscope16 in snaps, part 1

Cameron Lackpour shares Part 1 in a series of blogs about his KScope16 experiences.

7. Oracle Business Intelligence is available

The documentation is here and the latest release is here to download.

8. Sensitive Data

Heli shows how to design your sensitive data using Data Modeler.

9. Kscope16 in snaps, part 2

Cameron Lackpour shares Part 2 in a series of blogs about his KScope16 experiences.

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Danny Byrant tweeted KScope16’s Unsung heroes

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This week on LinkedIn

Yasmin Morrison shared Find Hidden Savings in Your Supply Chain with Business Analytics

Kent Graziano posted How to connect OBIEE to Snowflake Elastic Data Warehouse

Stories from and

Videos such as:

User Engagement for OBIEE – How to Deliver it, Measure it and Monitor it

and Managing Oracle APEX Lifecycle with Oracle Developer Cloud Service