New Year, New OBIEE Blog

You may have noticed that I am now blogging from a new domain,, also known as and sometimes referred to as !  Addidici is now just for the company stuff.  Please update your links (You have links to my blog right? eh?)

Also blogging at a new site is Pete Scott the first featured blogger this week.  Good luck Pete.

I am looking forward to this year, my First Kscope (in Hollywood, Miami) and potential updates to the product.  We will have to make time to restart our London OBIEE gatherings (which I certainly enjoyed!), and I am also hoping to get back to work on the project (fingers crossed).

Blogs of the week

1. My 2014 UKOUG Technology Conference – Tuesday and Wednesday

Peter Scott shared this post from his drafts folder about the 2014 UKOUG Technology Conference.

2.  Close Multiple Connections in SQL Developer

Danny Byrant writes, “If you are like me, you may have multiple open connections to various database instances or to the same one for that matter, and maybe you want to close a certain set of connections. By using folders, you can do this.”

3. Real Time BI with Kevin and Stewart on BIWA Summit 2015

Dan Vlamis thanks Kevin and Stewart for dedicating a Real Time BI show to the BIWA summit.

4. This was the year that was, 2014

Cameron Lackpour reviews his 2014 blog data.

5. Exporting a PL/SQL Package Just the Way Monty Likes in SQL Developer

Jeff Smith bases his blog on a conversation.

6. Response to Campaign for Clear Licensing Open Letter to Oracle

Debra Lilley applauds the 7 steps as best practice and looks at them more closely.

7. Using Shuttles in a many-to-many relationship (Form)

Dimitri Gielis refers to his previous post then writes, “In this post we will edit a record and see how we can represent the data in a Form and save the data back to the different tables.”

8. Data Takes its Rightful Place in 2015

Ian Abramson writes of how 2015 will bring us new ways to look at data.

9. Oracle EPM What Features Are You Looking Forward to Most?

Opal Alapat asks some of her expert friends in the ODTUG EPM community, “What features are you looking forward to most?”

10. OBIEE – What the “For” in Selection Steps stands for

Boris Dahav writes, “While creating a condition with Selection Steps, there is a “For” hiding in the center of the Selection Step Wizard.”

A question was asked, what is it used for?

Boris explores this in his blog

Stories from  and

Videos such as

OBIEE and Sharepoint Embedded BI

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Dermot Eustace posted The Oracle Business Analytics Summit 2015 is now open for registration.

Uday Singh shared A Comparison between Relational Databases Vs NoSQL systems over Parallel processing! 

Saandeep Raghunath posted Simplifying ETL – Part 1

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