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Each year the O D T U G  runs a conference called KScope.  It started as Kaleidoscope but is now known as Kscope and this year was kScope15.

What is ODTUG?  See the video…


Anyway, this year I went along to see why everyone was raving about the conference.  It helped that it was in Hollywood, nr Miami, Florida, and that the Hotel looked awesome.


My take away from the conference are:

  1. It was great fun
  2. It was very informative – technically excellent
  3. There was loads of Food – breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea all provided
  4. I met loads of cool techies (some Nerds, some Geeks)
  5. The App and Scavenger Hunt were brilliant
  6. I will go again next year
  7. The parties were awesome


Readers of this blog may have noted that I have been rather sceptical of conferences in the past but all that has changed with my last two – Open World in San Francisco and now Kscope in Miami.

There are a few bloggers updating us on their experience last week, read them below, and also JOIN ODTUG so that you can get access to the conference sessions – Presentations and recordings.

It may also be worth having a quick look through my tweets to sample a little of the good times..

So, apart from the Pool, the warm sea, the excellent breakfast, the great conference sessions, the comedy act, the Trivia Night (we was robbed of victory), the scavenger hunt, the exhibition hall, the lunch and learn, the hands on session using an iPhone, the Chi-Gung, the friends we met, the new friends we made, the Caribbean band, the ACE get together, the Hollywood nights,  it was worth going just for the Party Night in an exclusive nightclub in Miami Beach.

Oh, and I learnt loads about OBIEE 12c.  More to come on that.

Did I mention I had fun?

And to top it off, we rented a convertible Mustang and headed down to the Everglades and the Florida Keys.


Boy, am I tired this week!

Blogs relating to the Kscope15 week

1.  KScope Day 1 and KScope Day 2

Scott Wesley shares his views on the first two days of KScope, including Why PL/SQL developers are the most important on earth and his experience of Chi Gung.

2. DEVEPM on Kscope15! – Day 0: Fun is about to start!!! , DevEPM and 1st Day in Florida , DEVEPM on Kscope15! – Day 2: Glimpse of the future, FunScope 15! and DEVEPM on Kscope15! – Day 3, 4, 5 and 6: OMG!

Check out this series of blogs, detailing each day at KScope15

3. Kscope15 day 1 & 2 as it happensKscope15 Day 2 , Kscope15 days 2 and 3 and Kscope 15 days 4 and 5

Cameron Lackpour blogs his way through KScope, complete with lots of photographs.  Worth a view!

4. The Awesome Oracle Application Express Community at ODTUG Kscope15 – all in 4 quick pictures

The Oracle Application Express community at KScope summed up in four pictures.

5. The Buzz from Kscope15: The Continuing Need for Experts

A blog by Daniel Rabbitt.

6. Kscope15 – Day 4

A blog by the TopDown team – including their best quotes of the day:

“Support for Groovy scripting language will be rolled out as part of calc manager.”

“My favorite new feature in Calc manager—the tab key works!”

“Code Folding” available in Calc Manager. This is a cool, and handy!, feature to use when writing and editing.”

7. #Kscope15, ODTUG BoD and Burnout

Sarah Zumbrum ends her blog with: “You all have refilled my well and gotten me out of the burnout stage I was in, so let me give back to you…We have less than 51 weeks until #Kscope16 starts. Let’s go!”


Kate Helmer includes her highlights to be:

  • Hybrid Deployments
  • FDMEE No Limits
  • and beyond: Performance, performance, performance

9. KScope15 and Beyond

Justin Biard lists the following topics that caught his eye at KScope this year:

  1. Oracle APEX
  2. Oracle REST Data Services (ORDS)
  3. Oracle Database in the Cloud (both Schema [as a Service] and DBaaS)
  4. Oracle SQL Developer (latest and greatest features)

twitterOn Twitter…

ODTUG ask if you’re suffering Kscope15 blues. Check out this teaser wrap up video.

Mike Riley tweeted: “ Board welcomes you to

Opal A tweeted that sessions will be going up soon – hopefully late July/August.

Patrick Barel tweeted a livestream:

Alex Zaballa shared some slides on his Oracle Data Redaction presentation:


Monday is YesSQL day at Kscope15 and to show that OBIEE can party with the best, here is some useful implementation of SQL in the OBIEE front end.
Ok, so it’s Logical SQL but the principle is the same.
Below I will show you how to join datasets using just SQL. Yes SQL!


Lets take a std query created using the Usage Tracking Subject Area.

Using the Column Selector we pick Start Date and Number of Queries.

Usage by Date from Usage Tracking
Usage by Date from Usage Tracking










This results in some data as shown below.

Std Query Graph UT


And the SQL for this is:

SELECT “Query Time”.”Start Date” saw_0, “Physical SQL”.”# of Logical Queries” saw_1 FROM “U – Usage Tracking”

(Taken from the Advanced Tab).


But, can you see the problem?

Time is not smoothed, days with no use are not shown.  So, we could wrongly assume the we have been busy!


SQL to the rescue.


First lets get all the days you want to view.



“Time”.”T00 Calendar Date” saw_0,

Monthname(“Time”.”T00 Calendar Date”) saw_1,

MONTH(“Time”.”T00 Calendar Date”) saw_2

FROM “A – Sample Sales”

WHERE “Time”.”T00 Calendar Date” BETWEEN date ‘2015-01-01’ AND date ‘2015-06-30’

Now we join the two SQL together, using a LEFT OUT JOIN statement


(SELECT “Time”.”T00 Calendar Date” dt,
Monthname(“Time”.”T00 Calendar Date”) Mth,
MONTH(“Time”.”T00 Calendar Date”) MthNum
FROM “A – Sample Sales”
WHERE “Time”.”T00 Calendar Date” BETWEEN date ‘2014-01-01’ AND date ‘2015-06-30’) ALL_TIME LEFT OUTER JOIN
“Query Time”.”Start Date” dt,
“Physical SQL”.”# of Logical Queries” Queries
FROM “U – Usage Tracking”) USAGE

Paste the statement into the SQL box on the advanced tab, run the results and create your graph.


Left Joined Graph
Left Joined Graph


Now we see every day, even if there is no activity.


The principle shown is that you can use SQL to build datasets from different Subject Areas, and create results that the RPD is not modelled to produce.


SQL Saves the day.



4 days to go….










KScope Excitement Building

I am a relative Conference Newbie, and I have never been to Miami. So to say I’m excited about going to Kscope15.com is an understatement!

I’m not speaking, so can just relax, learn something about OBIEE 12c and enjoy the after parties.

We also have a meet the authors event on Monday night, so come and chat to us (Christian, Haroun and Myself) at the ArtofBi stand.

I will try to focus next weeks blog on what I found at the event – OBIEE stuff, everything else stays on tour!

See you there.

blogBlogs of the day

1. EPM workspace integration with OBIEE

John Goodwin says, “It wasn’t so long ago I wrote a post about integrating EPM workspace with OBIEE, now with the recent release of OBIEE I have to keep up the tradition and test out if the integration is still working, if I don’t then I will just get asked the question so I thought I would get there before it gets asked.”


Debra Lilley writes, “OTNEMEA was a brilliant tour, despite the number of miles, it was actually quite relaxed, it only covered two timezones, so nobody had a jet lag issue.”

She finishes by saying, “These events are not big stage, multiple stream conferences, they are little steps on the way to even more success, more members of the Oracle Community.”

3. Fixing Super LOV in Universal Theme

Dimitri says, “When you migrate to APEX 5.0 and the Universal Theme you might see that some plugins are not behaving correctly anymore. In this post I’ll discuss the Enkitec Modal LOV plugin.”

4. OBIEE – New Features

Nandoo writes, “Oracle has released a new version of OBIEE ( and this has brought some cool new features.”

He lists just some of the new features in his blog.

5. OBIA – Informatica workflow and task logs

Chris Carslen-Jones writes, “Previously, I described where you can find information about ETL runs in the DAC repository.”

He gives an example of how you might combine data from the DAC and Informatica tables.

6. Detecting Change

Pete says, “GoldenGate is a fantastic product and like many other Oracle acquired products has an enviable array of non-Oracle connectivity. In fact, it is my change data propagation tool of choice.”

7. Where is Data Taking Us?

Ian Abramson refers to his presentation ‘Analytics in the Age of Big Data

He concludes his blog by saying, “The evolution of reporting is underway and we need to look at how we can provide our business analysts, business users and consumers with the information they need when they need to empower them to make better and more accurate decisions.”


8. Load More Scroll Policy for ADF 12c Table and Range Paging

Andrejus begins by saying, “There is a new scroll policy for the table component in ADF 12c. This new policy is called – load more. I think it gives good potential, it allows to reduce access load on heavy tables.”

9. Understanding SQL

Jonathan Lewis writes, “From time to time someone publishes a query on the OTN database forum and asks how to make it go faster, and you look at it and think it’s a nice example to explain a couple of principles because it’s short, easy to understand, obvious what sort of things might be wrong, and easy to fix. Then, after you’ve made a couple of suggestions and explained a couple of ideas the provider simply fades into the distance and doesn’t tell you any more about the query, or whether they’ve taken advantage of your advice, or found some other way to address the problem.”

He then gives an example and some updates.

10. Going to Kaleidoscope? What else can you do in Sunny Florida?

This blog details other things to do, including:

  • Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park
  • Wynwood Walls and the Design District
  • Fairchild Tropical Gardens

Read the full blog for more.

11. OBIEE Hack: Putting prompts in file names

Vishal Pathak says, “Users often have the requirement to have the selected prompt values suffixed to the name of the exported file. This blog talks about a hack to achieve this in OBIEE. ”

twitterThis week on Twitter

Jeff Smith asks, “Is it possible to learn without doing?

Gokhan Atil shared Cross-platform database migration

Boris Dahav tweeted OBIEE New features – Interface, part 2
LinkedinThis week on LinkedIn

Vishal Pathak shared OBIEE Hack: Putting prompts in File Names

Gerd Aiglstorfer posted OBIEE released

Ian Bristow shared Caution using Microsoft Active Directory with OBIEE

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Videos such as Oracle Business Intelligence Spotlight at Gallup

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