Catalog Surprises

It’s amazing how far you can push OBIEE. This week we saw a blog about copying a page on it’s own, no dashboard, just a page. One of the methods I like to use is keep all the dashboard, analysis, prompts and filters for a ‘dashboard’, in a set of sub folders, in one folder. […]

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Forgot your Password?

I recently started using a password manager, due to the fact that its impossible to remember all the different ones, and it would be plain stupid to have one for all sites and systems. The only problem is I have forgotten the master password to get into the password management system! Trouble is, the password […]

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Webinar Anyone?

We are well into the conference season, January saw a gathering in San Francisco, Next week Ireland, May in Brighton and Atlanta, then the BIG one in Miami, and of course another San Francisco trip in September, before wrapping up the year in the UKOIG. Phew, thats a lot of airmiles. Not everyone can get […]

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Here Comes Summer

Spring is here, Have you not noticed going to work in daylight?  Of course I am referring to the Northern Hemisphere.  For those down under now is the time to pack your bags and head north to the sun. There are many you things you can get online, soo much fun to be had coding OBIEE, […]

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