European Highs and Lows

These last few weekends I have been visiting Spain and Switzerland. Sailing in Spain and Skiing in Switzerland. Down on the Coast in Spain and Up in the Mountains in Switzerland. The car rental in each country demonstrates the major difference between these countries. In Spain we pre booked a car, but the car rental […]

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Wearable Oracle

A parcel arrived this week, while I am away in Barcelona, and it was a nice Oracle ACE Program top.  I hope it fits!  Photos to follow (of the top not my Barcelona trip)   Anyway, despite being away, the show must go on… Blogs of the week 1. Using ODI Knowledge Modules To Manage Indexes […]

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England 21 Wales 16

some stats dont need a big database and business intelligence systems. sometimes we are asked to write fancy javascript or create links, or put lots of colour on the page, but remember… its the numbers that matters, not how clever the developer is.   Blogs of the week 1. APEX 5.0 EA3 released with Universal Theme […]

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