Addidici is Born!

We are pleased to announce the new name in Oracle Business Intelligence – Addidici. Following the legal dispute with RM we have been forced to find a new home for our blog, our company, and our goods friends to find us. It’s a company name that I was toying with when we settled on Majendi […]

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New ODI Blog

I see that John Minkjan has started a new blog on ODI. Nice one John. I look forward to reading about how Oracle are going to move from Informatica to ODI!!! Or is that when?

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Huge Temp

I have just looked in the web server under the tmp folder, in C:fmwuser_projectsdomainsbifoundation_domainserversAdminServertmp and found 5.0 GB of space being used!! It basically creates a new folder every time you deploy an application. During dev and test this can get out of hand. To clear this down I stopped the server, deleted the files, […]

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