“KISS is out, MICS (make it complex stupid) is hot” Great Article by Toon Koppelaars. If you are more than 21 then this will be an interesting read. Everyone else, stick to the PS3 /PSP tonight! Many of you will have heard of Jonathan Lewis – http://jonathanlewis.wordpress.com/who has some great quotes on his front page, […]

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The brilliant, yet undiscovered talent that is Christian Berg finally launched into the blogging world http://hekatonkheires.blogspot.com/ Good luck with that Christian. News UPDATE. Final details are being put to the announcement which will be out very soon now. Can you guess what it is yet? Market Update Who do you believe? We recently advertised a […]

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What Occuring

As usual I have been keeping an eye on the Jobs Market, checking out the availabilty of consultants and roles.As you will see from previous posts I have been guaging the state of the Oracle BI / Siebel Analytics market by the number of jobs advertised, and number consultants I know who are looking.With the […]

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