Localisation of OBIEE

I have no idea who these people are, but just found an interesting service which claims to double increase of user acceptance. Thats a pretty tall order, but if it works thats great. The more the merrier! http://www.bi-localizer.com/en/index.shtml They dont say which languages they cover but I assume German for now. adrian.ward@addidici.com www.addidici.com

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How is your Croatian?

New blog on OBIEE. Good luck with it Goran. http://108obiee.blogspot.com/ Update: Thanks to Daan we can now view it in Englishhttp://translate.google.com/translate?u=http://108obiee.blogspot.com/ adrian.ward@addidici.com www.addidici.com

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Informatica vs ODI

As you would expect, the debate still goes on as to what is happening on the OBIEE ETL front. As all you ex-Siebel people will know Informatica is the system that every uses for their databases. It was licensed by Siebel to run their CRM ETL Packaged Applications. Then when Oracle bought out Siebel they […]

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