A Conditional, Data-Driven Action Link

The initial release of this functionality was seen as a positive step towards tighter integration of the Siebel and Analytics applications. Since then, many versions onward the functionality has moved on little and there are still limitations which continue to frustrate developers. The ‘so-called’ increased usability of action links available in v7.8.x onwards is buggy […]

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I give in

Well Mr Brown, you finally got your way. I have just taken delivery of a new car to get to the office, and I bought the smallest cheapest, funniest little thing you can get. see 35 quid to tax, cheap insurance and runs forever on a tank of petrol. I cant say that I did […]

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Is that It?

They say that technology happens in waves. They being Gartner and the like. You get early adopters, then rapid growth in popularity, a peak of excitment then a long decline. Drawn on a digram, representing, say, adoption, it’s like a big wave. Well, the OBIEE wave formed and a whole bunch of consulting firms have […]

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