Rate Card

I keep meaning to put the rate card on the Majendi website. If anyone is interested this is what we charge. (all in GBP) Senior Consultant – 800 plus expensesConsultant – 750 (expenses included in home country, add on for Europe)Junior Consultant- 250 plus expenses What are the levels? Senior Consultants have 4 years of […]

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More Groups Please

I have had lots of new members sign up to my OBIEE group on linked in, most of which have some relationship with the product. I am rejecting anyone who is an agency recruiter or just a professional networker. The next step will be to develop the OBI portal which will provide resources for OBIEE […]

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Need a loopback Adapter

This took me ages to find If you need to install Oracle database on a Vista Machine then this may help. 1) start device manager2) right-click top node3) add legacy hardware4) select Netwrok Adaptor5) select Microsoft6) select Loopback adapter This was from an original post at http://davedotnet.blogspot.com/2006/06/installing-loopback-adaptor-in-windows.html Also useful was http://blogs.msdn.com/astebner/archive/2004/07/06/174576.aspx adrian.ward@addidici.com www.addidici.com

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Probably already covered elsewhere, but I had this lying around from my book notes (Many Thanks to ed Higgins) These are the executables you can find in the bin directory. Nb. Siebel support recommends the following executables are not used without prior knowledge or consulting technical support first. JobManager.exe Previously known as Analytics Scheduler, nothing […]

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OC4J as a Service

Following the last post on stopping oc4j from automatic running, you may want to run oc4j as a service, so that is can be added to a batch file that starts all the analytics services. So, to Run OC4J as a windows service If you want to run oc4j as a windows service download the […]

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Auto running OC4J

I kept meaning to do a brief note on the issue of OC4J automatcally running when you start windows. I’m sure you all know how to stop it, but just on case check out http://knowledge.ciber.nl/weblog/?p=84 adrian.ward@addidici.com www.addidici.com

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And another thing

You wait ages for a blog to come along, then three turn up at once. I just had to mention the WHOPPING great rpd that I had to investigate the other day. It was 50 MB. Supplied by Oracle as part of the 7.9 Applications install. It’s not that it takes ages to load and […]

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Is the future here already?

Have a look at the Oracle whitepaper on OBIEE and SOA. It’s the future you can read about while getting on with maintaining your 7.7 Siebel reporting (Actuate) system. http://www.oracle.com/technology/pub/articles/rittman-biee-soa.html?rssid=rss_otn_articles Don’t let people tell you otherwise – Oracle Business Intelligence is the future – what? including OWB? are you mad. You wait, when Larry gets […]

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Thanks Bill. Thanks for the new windows system. not. I bought a new laptop last week, it’s a Vostro 1700 from Dell. Very good spec, loads of memory, fast cpu etc, but also including Vista. I went to install my copy of OBIEE and it refused, so it’s not backwards compatable. So I tried the […]

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