Urgent Requirement

We need a Siebel Analytics consultant for a contract in the UK – not in the North 🙂 As usual, we have more work than people. If you are an Analytics consultant (i.e. know all about rpd development) then please get in touch. There will be a technical interview, so please don’t try bluffing me! […]

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SE One is here

Oracle have officially launched SE One – Like Siebel Analytics only cheaper. This is the pricing package we have all been waiting for. There is no excuse for any company to not buy Analytics. This can be used for what Analytics is good at => RAD (DSDM) warehouse projects. Finance departments should take a really […]

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Freedom of the City

I had a great day today. I had to go to the Camberlains court and swear allegiance to the Queen and to the Lord Mayor. We (my wife and I) were then granted the Freedom of the city of London. I can now drive sheep over tower bridge. adrian.ward@addidici.com www.addidici.com

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Interesting Note from Oracle

This note was published today. It may explain the questions I have been getting. “The Standard Cost General table (W_STANDARD_COST_G) and the Exchange Rate General table (W_EXCH_RATE_G) are general reference tables. Both tables have surrogate keys (ROW_WID). But unlike dimension surrogate keys, these surrogate keys are not referenced as foreign keys by any fact tables. […]

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A typical question

Please keep sending in your questions, it’s interesting to see what challenges you guys (and Girls – Vicky!) face. Here’s a recent one Hello Adrian, I need little help. Our company is implementing Oracle BI 10.x. We don’t have much experience in Siebel Analytics/OBI. We have few fact tables e.g. W_SALES_PICK_LINE_F, which we need/wish to […]

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Insurance time

I just had to renew the Professional Indemnity insurance, which this years comes to over 1,300 pounds! We use Trafalgar, seem to provide good cover, but not sure if they are the cheapest. However, you can do it all online which saves a huge amount of time. Use the link to get a quote. Dear […]

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Some say “SCIPE” others “SkyPee” Whichever you say, it’s worth getting it. Free calls. We use it for conferencing. you can find me on the system as username ‘adyward’ www.skype.com adrian.ward@addidici.com www.addidici.com

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