Naughty 7.9

Apparently there is a little buggette “Customers installing Oracle BI Applications Version 7.9 must first install Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition 10g Release 3 version with Quick Fix 150. “ tut tut

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7.9 Is here, Huh?

So you thought that OBI EE was the new Analytics. Think again. Siebel analytics has jsut gone into version 7.9, but so far I have only seen Applications 7.9, so it looks like platform is either 7.8 or OBI EE : There new names though: Siebel Analytics Application now becomes Oracle® Business Intelligence Applications (OBIA) […]

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Connecting People

Is there a clear winner in the war for Networking platforms? I started using LinkedIn a while back and have developed a great network of business contacts, but then I realised that wasn’t the first one I had signe dup to. Friends Reunited was the leader originally and everyone flocked onto the system – until […]

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Make the most of your repository

Quick and Easy Mail Merge Why not make the most of your repository, as well providing the backbone of your reports it is also a great source of clean organised data that is easily accessible by other programs. Here’s one way to address envelopes or letters using MS Access and Word. Create a new blank […]

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I’m sending this from my mobile. We’re at reading watching the kids enjoying their sailing

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Oracle to buy Hyperion!

Ha. Good for Oracle. Essbase is a horrible tool in my view but the accoutants love it, so Oracle have taken on a popular product, and have a foothold in hundreds more companies. Trouble is, now I’m stumped as to how they are going to integrate Essbase into the new Oracle BI strategy, can and […]

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Bad News

Just heard that the Keel is still not attached to the bottom of our boat, and there’s no mast either! Looks like we’re going to miss the first race of the season. Damn.

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New Phone

Just a quck update to say that I ended up stayng with O2 but got a new phone, the Sony w880i I just phoned them up to say I was going to switch and they haggled a bit, I pointed out better deals on Three and they matched them. Now I’m due to pay £17.50 […]

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