How good IS good?

I’ve been interviewing loads of candidates recently (you may have seen my ads on Jobserve and LinkedIn) for Siebel Analytics consultants. By the way, if you would like to connect on linkedIn ( please send an invite to; in the note say you are reading the blog.Most of the interviewees have stated that they […]

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I have the worst phone in the world. It’s the O2 XDA lli. Oh it may also be a PDA, has windows, can pay music, runs Excel/Word/PDF, has a web browser to connect to the internet, has email and can syncronise with my Outlook, has vidoe and a camera, plays games; but it’s the worst […]

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Questions, Questions

Why have I not written a blog for ages ?Does Siebel Analytics work on IE7 ?Is there a version 8 of Analytics, if so what is it called ?What is the difference between Siebel Analytics and Oracle BIEE ?Where are all the best Analytics consultants ?How do I find good crew for the next racing […]

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