For Instance

Bit of a techie one today, a short introduction to instanceconfig.xml. Instanceconfig.xml (we’ll call it IC) is a configuration file for the Analytics web. It is a replacement for using the registry. You could use the registry but there’s little point, and you probably won’t have access rights anyway. The IC file sits in C:SiebelAnalyticsDataWebconfig […]

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And then there were three…

ETL tools used in Oracle BI that it. With Oracle going round buying up lots of companies they have been creating a huge potential for confusion for the integration community, including their own consultants. We had an Oracle consultant in the other day to tune up the database performance (he was very knowledgeable by the […]

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Self Configuring Warehouses

One of the reasons people don’t like the DAC is that it takes control over the ETL.One of the reasons I like the DAC so much is the fact that it manages the ETL process with ease! Not only does it run the Informatica tasks in the right order (providing you tell it the correct […]

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Two weeks to go

With only two weeks to go we’re getting very nervous. This has nothing to do with UAT (Which is actually going very well), but all to do with this years skiing holiday! We’re off to La Plagne with the kids over xmas. There’s a webcam service that was showing lots of grass last week and […]

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