All about the Cache

Here a thing that will makeyour reports run faster! Introduction to Cache Decision support queries sometimes require large amounts of database processing. If you reduce the amount of database querying then you can speed up the time to produce reports. In an Analytics system the way to reduce database accesses is to create a ‘Cache’ […]

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Three sheets to the wind

No, not a description of the weekend’s activities unfortunately, not a drop passed my lips. The sheets to which I refer are CSS or Cascading Style Sheets, PortalBanner.css, PortalContent.css and Views.css. You probably will not be interested to know that the original form of the expression was ‘three sheets in the wind’, this refers to […]

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Do you feel insecure?

Security. Love it or loathe it? Most of the time the choice is yours, you can choose not to lock your house or car, you can choose not to fly, you can choose to keep your PIN in your phone memory under PIN, what you probably can’t choose is whether or not to apply it […]

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DAc days

Question. How do you load 80 million records into the Data warehouse?Answer. Slowly! As we are now in version 7.8 of the CRM application there is lots of work around upgrading from previous versions. Normally an upgrade of the data warehouse will provide companies with an opportunity to reassess what is captured and how. The […]

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