A Conditional, Data-Driven Action Link

The initial release of this functionality was seen as a positive step towards tighter integration of the Siebel and Analytics applications. Since then, many versions onward the functionality has moved on little and there are still limitations which continue to frustrate developers. The ‘so-called’ increased usability of action links available in v7.8.x onwards is buggy […]

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7.9 Is here, Huh?

So you thought that OBI EE was the new Analytics. Think again. Siebel analytics has jsut gone into version 7.9, but so far I have only seen Applications 7.9, so it looks like platform is either 7.8 or OBI EE : There new names though: Siebel Analytics Application now becomes Oracle® Business Intelligence Applications (OBIA) […]

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Make the most of your repository

Quick and Easy Mail Merge Why not make the most of your repository, as well providing the backbone of your reports it is also a great source of clean organised data that is easily accessible by other programs. Here’s one way to address envelopes or letters using MS Access and Word. Create a new blank […]

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