Building on top of the Users

The Usage Tracking (UT) project will build on top of the out of the box tables, and that includes using the “SA System” ‘Users’ table as a starting point for our Users table. Have a look at Gerard blog/Wiki ( is that WikLog?) and also, the all important oracle Docs (11g)   As […]

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Delete that Index

All indexes are good, right? Wrong. An index can make a join fly. but it can also slow you down. As I’ve said many times before, most of the time I delete or hide indexes, especially on an Exadata box and add carefully. However, whilst query performance is helped by an index, and updates too […]

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Catch Up

When I announced last week that we are putting together a Usage Tracking project, I assumed that people would know WHY. To me it seemed obvious, having implemented this type of system for the last 15 years that I have worked in OBIEE (nee Seibel Analytics). So, Why do we need a usage tracking ‘Warehouse’ […]

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