More Big Tips Please

Reply from Phil as follows: Of course Adrian, I’ve got loads. How about this one: When you do a combined request you can’t change the column headings in the Edit Column Formula window as any changes you make there aren’t saved. However, you can change the column name in the Column Properties Column Format window […]

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Stars and Snowflakes

Part 2 Continuing on the discussion about OBIEE (Oracle BI EE) structure of the Logical Layer – please read Part 1 before this chapter. To set the context, The discussion is around your choices in table design in the warehouse and I am only referring to the reporting in OBIEE on the datawarehouse, and your […]

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Quiet Christmas

I had a few emails, texts and calls today from people who are available for work. Good Siebel Analytics / OBIEE consultants who may be having an extended xmas holiday! If you have a need for someone for short or long term please get in touch and I’ll forward their details on. You may have […]

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How good IS good?

I’ve been interviewing loads of candidates recently (you may have seen my ads on Jobserve and LinkedIn) for Siebel Analytics consultants. By the way, if you would like to connect on linkedIn ( please send an invite to; in the note say you are reading the blog.Most of the interviewees have stated that they […]

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An easy and quick tip to sort out the order of time. When the gods invented time they were not considering the Manager running his analytics reports! It’s a simple question that the manager asks; Give me sales figures by month. The answer should look like this January 10February 11March 13April 13May 15June 19July 22August […]

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I’ve been ill! Sorry about being quiet for so long but I’ve either been busy on a project (or several projects more like), or ill in bed. I even missed interviewing some people who I’d like to join Majendi, so I hope they forgive me. Anyway, I’m back to rude health (as much as you […]

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A quick note on Narratives

Narratives are very useful to give user information in a readable format. Some data is not easy to name so a more descriptive comment can be used instead of jus the column nameConsider:Run Date24/08/06 What does this mean? You could use: ‘The date when the latest ETL was run is: 24 Aug 2006’ Obviously the […]

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A slow day at the Coal Face

August 31st Today is a slow day. The database is down due to constant ORA-03113 errors, and sometimes 12152 errors. I don’t know what they are but it means we get to work late nights and weekends til the end of the project. If any of you know what these errors are I’m sure the […]

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