Wearable Oracle

A parcel arrived this week, while I am away in Barcelona, and it was a nice Oracle ACE Program top.  I hope it fits!  Photos to follow (of the top not my Barcelona trip)   Anyway, despite being away, the show must go on… Blogs of the week 1. Using ODI Knowledge Modules To Manage Indexes […]

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New Year, New OBIEE Blog

You may have noticed that I am now blogging from a new domain, obiee.info, also known as obiee.co.uk and sometimes referred to as obiee.guru !  Addidici is now just for the company stuff.  Please update your links (You have links to my blog right?   eh?) Also blogging at a new site is Pete Scott […]

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The Best of 2014

Well. This is it, the end of another great OBIEE year, and what a year of blogging it was. I tried to find a top 10 blogs for 2014 but when I got to 22 blogs to choose from I decided to cover them all! Happy New Year. What will 2015 bring? 1. How-To: File hunt […]

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OBIEE Weekly Roundup

This week I have updated the Blogger database, adding more members and putting links in place  to the ACE Directory and oracle community.   Also this week I heard from ODTUG that my submission to talk at next years conference in Miami was not successful, but I think I will go anyway.  I need to […]

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OBIEE Up a Mountain

This weeks blog is brought to you from up a mountain in Italy, at a cafe overlooking Lake Garda. We come here for fantastic sailing competitions and pizza! Nothing to do with OBIEE except I sometimes get to wear my OracleNerd OBIEE T-Shirt 🙂   Blogs of the week 1. Statement of Direction for Oracle Business […]

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Insert OBIEE name here

How many  emails do I get each week where it says, “hi (insert name here) I just wanted to catch up with your current situation, I have an opportunity you may blah blah blah.” IT enables mass communication at the expensive of the personal touch.  And when it comes to recruiting, I know I prefer the […]

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OOW Special

  In case you didn’t notice, last week was OOW week. I personally stayed at work and delivered some great dashboards (I thank you), but some people (um hum, Christian) had a whale of a time in sunny/foggy San Francisco (that place where they used to host the Americas Cup!) Luckily, there are those who […]

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Blogs of the week 1. Installing BITeamwork on SSL Configured WebLogic Admin Server Christian Screen writes, ” Although not a very common integration but every now and then an organization will install OBIEE with SSL configured between the components.” He lets us know of common errors and how to fix them! 2. APS diagnostic report failure John […]

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  This is post 100. Doesn’t time fly when you are having fun. And boy, OBIEE is just too much fun  🙂   Yes, there maybe new technologies turning your head, but stay faithful to OBIEE, it just gets better and better.     Blogs of the week 1. Execution Plans Part 9: Multiplication Jonathan Lewis […]

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Sweet Summer Lovin OBIEE

Blogs of the week Have a look at our blogger database.  Contact us if you would like to be added on. 1. OBIEE 11g: Unable to Add condition to run Agent during the Agent Creation or Insufficient Privileges.Access Condition Evaluation Service Service Venkata Nagarjuna says that the scenario is as follows:  “I would like to create a new agent. […]

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OBIEE did not have a Holiday

Blogs of the week Have a look at our blogger database.  Contact us if you would like to be added on. 1. Partnering with Peak Indicators Kevin and Stewart announce a planned partnership with Peak Indicators in delivering the following courses in North and South America: OBIEE 11g Advanced Bootcamp ODI 11g Advanced Bootcamp OBIEE 11g Advanced Modelling […]

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