OBIEE Job Available Now!

There is a great RPD Developer role available in the UK, Manchester Area – Who wants it? There is also another job available in the USA – Any Takers?   There are hundreds of other jobs too, but these are worth taking a look at. Message me if you are currently located and eligible to […]

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I was stuck in Bermuda last month while everyone had a great time at Kscope17! So, for me, and everyone else who missed the fun, here are a selection of post event blogs, and some links to the actual content. Next year I will certianly try to go over for Kscope18 – which will […]

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Catching Up with OBIEE News

My mate has been fired from his job at a dress alteration company. Apparently he didn’t turn up enough. OK, lets keep up the pace this year. Soo much to learn in the OBIEE world, so little time. Lets talk about size. How big is your OBIEE? I was recently at an OBIEE presentation and […]

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Back to Work Everybody

Club Tropicana. Closed, due to poorly thought out business strategy! OOW IS Over The Summer is Over (for up here in North Earth at least) The Children has been sent of to University (Seems quiet around here!) No more holidays this year (New York was a blast) So lets get back to Work. And theres […]

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Shake off those Chicago Blues

My mate has written a book about birds Aparently, it has flown off the shelves. Life goes on in the OBIEE community. Just as those Chicago Kscope16 memories start to fade, the excitement begins for OpenWorld 16, then on to Tech16 (+Apps16). The good news is that I finally got a proposal accepted, and I […]

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Armagedden Avoided

What kind of Rock is never delivered on time? Slate FTSE is up, Exports Up, Government borrowing down.  Mortgage rate down. Crisis over. Can we now get back to geeking now?   While you were all enjoying yourself in Chicago I decided that I couldnt watch enviously from a wet, slightly miserably Post Brexit Vote […]

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Two Minute Tech Tips

The OTN will be at Kscope16 looking for willing Volunteers to video their tech tips.  I cant get there this year, so may have to do a selfie video 🙂 But what subjects would I cover? Use of Advanced SQL? Jquery in OBIEE? Apex and OBIEE? Hidden Cascading Prompts? Result Columns on Union? CSS and […]

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Deadlines Met and News @ OBIEE

Deadlines. Some are ‘pretend’, you know you can get away with being a little bit late, because the you KNOW the project manager has factored in you being late! Others are very fixed. Like the deadline to submit proposals for speaking at conferences. Luckily I met the two that just passed, one was for Oracle […]

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Go Self Service or Go Home

Who understands your company Data best? Is it the OBIEE RPD Developer? Is it the DBA? Is it the Warehouse Designer? How about the source System Architect? Or the department analyst? Lets ask the question another way, Who knows what to do with the company Data in your system? The Data Scientist? The report distributer? […]

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OBIEE Went to Las Vegas

We have been busy, and so have all the OBIEE Bloggers. This year I thought it was about time we went to Collaborate, and boy was it worthwhile. Our room at the Delano was massive. The hotel was massive. The conference was huge. Grand Canyon unbelievable. And what can I say about Vegas? It has […]

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Post Conference Blues

Whilst in Miami we had the chance to catch up with co-author Christian Screen and meet his great team at the Art of BI. His OBIEE Products are exactly what we need, and I cant wait to implement them on my current project. Watch out for news on the next installment of the OBIEE Book. […]

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Monday is YesSQL day at Kscope15 and to show that OBIEE can party with the best, here is some useful implementation of SQL in the OBIEE front end. Ok, so it’s Logical SQL but the principle is the same. Below I will show you how to join datasets using just SQL. Yes SQL!   Lets […]

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