Past the Worst of It

Whats the best way to communicate with a fish? Drop them a line! (or Give them a wave) Apparently, last week we had the most depressing Monday of the year. Post xmas blues, no money, yuck weather. So I’m glad thats over and we can all get back to being positive about the year ahead: […]

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End of The OBIEE Year

Christmas and New Year this year was spent on a yacht cruising around the British Virgin Islands, which is the best place in the world. A yacht with family in the sunshine is fantastic and the BVIs this year were quiet, making it even better. One island we visited is owned by Larry, no not […]

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Good Oracle, Bad Project Manager

While Storm Brian batters the UK, Oracle batters us with update after Update!. I am especially looking forward to Oracle XE 18. It’s clear to me that the pace of Oracle change is picking up, and that we all need to embrace that change.  This month the DBA role was questioned with the introduction of […]

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OBIEE Jobs Market Going Strong

A quick search for OBIEE jobs last week (for no reason at all!) showed just how many jobs there are out there still. Indeed has over 1300 jpbs. Obviuosly some are duplicate and not all pure OBIEE jobs, but it does show that its still worth keeping the skills up, so read, read read.. My […]

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OBIEE Security – Layers

Applying security in OBIEE involves a myriad of controls that weave layers of protective barriers over the data.      There are three Main layers, each with it own strata that work in isolation or in association with the other layers. The main layers (from bottom to top) are: Database OBIEE Application Location The Location layer […]

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Summer Fun with OBIEE

I used to get earache on flights, but not any more … this year I’m booking my kids five rows back Why don’t mummies go on summer vacation? They are afraid to relax and unwind! The sun has got his hat on in Europe this week – time to head indoors, and enjoy the shade, […]

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I was stuck in Bermuda last month while everyone had a great time at Kscope17! So, for me, and everyone else who missed the fun, here are a selection of post event blogs, and some links to the actual content. Next year I will certianly try to go over for Kscope18 – which will […]

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OBIEE 12c Book Published

Finally, our follow up to Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition 11g: A Hands On Tutorial has been released. The new book is named Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition 12c – Second Edition. Co-authored with myself, Christian Screen and Haroun Khan, Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise 12c – Second Edition is described as “A comprehensive guide from Oracle […]

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OBIEE, You’re soo cool

Auto-correct can be your own worst enema. Charles Dickens walks into a bar and orders a Martini. The Barman says: “Olive or Twist?” Claustrophobic people are at their best when thinking outside the box. Seriously, have a look out of the window. Its sunny, the economy is doing great, there are lots of OBIEE Jobs […]

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Catching Up with OBIEE News

My mate has been fired from his job at a dress alteration company. Apparently he didn’t turn up enough. OK, lets keep up the pace this year. Soo much to learn in the OBIEE world, so little time. Lets talk about size. How big is your OBIEE? I was recently at an OBIEE presentation and […]

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